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Fixing Dentures Yourself? There Is A Price!

How many of you guys have gotten ready for a great interview, just to find you mouth hurts like hell because your dentures aren't fitting properly or they're broken. Denture repairs - DIY style - might seem like the cheaper option at the time, but you're paying for it in the long run.

The most popular product "sea bond quik fix" for denture repairs received great reviews for exactly what it promises, a quick fix. However, if you're looking to fix the problem completely, you're much better going a denture repair specialist, like Aesthetic Denture Clinic.

I'm not going to sit here and banging on about how you get what you pay for, but to me, fixing your dentures with a quick fix is the equivalent of putting some epoxy resin on the radiator of your car. Sure, the hole might not be spitting steam right away, but you're going to need a new radiator eventually and the damage will only get worse as you keep driving.


If we look at the packaging of some repair kits, you get more than one "repair" and the price is really quite low. After speaking to some people above 65 with dentures, I've decided that repair kits are pretty much a waste of money.

Question One: When fixing break and cracks, do you find that repair kits are a good cheap option?

Julie: It's not worth it in the end, you're paying $20 for a temporary fix, which then you need to buy more for the patch ups again. There are only so many times you can do this before you need to take it into a denture clinic to get it done properly.

Florence: Waste of time,waste of money.

Questions Two: Have you have tried to fix loose teeth with a repair kit?

Florence: Yes I have, they don't last very long before they fall out again. Plus the glue on some of the cheaper repair kits damage the dentures and it ends up costing you more in the end.

Tony: I have actually. It worked for a while but the tooth snapped off again in public whilst out to dinner with my grandchildren, which was embarrassing for them.

I'm sure some people think they can even fix their dentures with super glue. Check out the video above.



Security in VIpole

New Messaging and Cloud Service that offers high security

VIPole offers high security for individuals and businesses for messaging, conferencing, note taking, cloud storage, as well as calendar services. The program enables the user to be secure from outside listeners and complete privacy with encrypted messaged and secure connection conferencing.

The instant messaging security of VIpole is above the rest and keeps all of your communication while using it free of outside invaders. The messages are encrypted and even what is stored on the user’s computer or servers is also encrypted. The same process is applied to all voice connections, which prevents any listening in of any sources besides the allowed parties in the voice conference.

VIpole also protects documents and files against people that are not authorized. The documents are only available from an encrypted drive that is virtual. There is auto-synchronization between the VIpole server and the encrypted files on the user’s computer. Only the files owner can decrypt the documents and files. VIpole also offers a password manager that uses the same type of encryption to keep passwords and pins safe.

Be assured that video chats, between up to 9 contacts at one time, are secure by using VIpole. The tunnel technology of VIpole is state of the art at securing the video chats. Channels are secure and the data that is transmitted is encrypted from the inside.
Ever think about security breaches in your calendars? Manage your calendar along with other contacts that you add under the business plan. Assign tasks and duties in a secure platform, but also have the messages of employees going back and forth stored in one secure place that is controlled by you. Notes can also be made and stored in this secure environment.

The apps of VIpole are compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux, along with VIpole Android Messenger Mobile Client for Android devices.
You can download VIpole at and the Android App can be downloaded at .

Press kits can be downloaded from


How to Choose a Solar Hot Water System


Heating water for household use is usually the second-largest utility expense for homeowners. While solar hot water systems won’t entirely eliminate your bill for household water, over its useful life the system can pay for itself, sometimes many times over. Depending on the climate where you live, a solar thermal system can replace between one-third and one-half on your annual water heating costs. Many government agencies offer rebates and grants to encourage citizens to install solar hot water systems, which can make them an even more attractive option for homeowners trying to save on their utility bills while reducing their carbon footprint.

One Sydney based hot water specialist has come forward and stated that solar systems can be expensive to run at first, with Government rebates not being pushed as much as 5 years ago. This is a shameful thing for the Government to not encourage clean energy.

How To Plan for Your System

Most systems are installed on the roof, so you’ll have to make a determination about whether your roof is a good place for a solar collector. For a solar collector to be feasible, your roof should get direct sunlight between 10 AM in the morning and 4 PM in the afternoon, and that sunlight should be available year-round. If there are large deciduous trees blocking the sun in the summer, or you’re in a location where your roof is shaded by nearby buildings or natural landscape features, the collector can’t do its work.

The only part of your roof that matters for the purposes of solar hot water systems is the portion that faces south. Northern exposures only get indirect light for most of the day. Your compass position can vary about 15 degrees in either direction. In northern climes, pointing southeast is usually better; in southern locations slightly southwest is preferred.

The condition of your roof is important. Solar hot water systems are fairly heavy because they carry a great deal of water in their enclosed pipes. The roof should be constructed to carry the additional weight, and the shingles or other type of roofing should be in good condition before your solar collectors are installed. If your roof isn’t suitable for an installation, you might be able to place the collector on a sidewall or on the unshaded ground right next to your home to get the correct amount of sun.

There are many different types of solar hot water systems, and they’re offered for sale under many different brand names. It’s possible to narrow down the range of choices before you go shopping for a contractor to install your solar hot water system.

How Solar Hot Water Systems Work

Solar hot water systems are all made up of a collector that heats water using the sun’s rays, and then transports it to some form of storage device. A very common type of solar system heats swimming pool water. In this setup, the swimming pool itself is the storage device. If you’re heating water for household uses like laundry, showers, and handwashing, you’ll have a storage tank that will have a backup heating system installed. Because you can’t count on hot water to be produced on demand, the back up heater makes up the difference between the temperature of the water after it has passed through the rooftop collector and the desired temperature.

Another common difference between one solar hot water system and another is whether it is passive or active. An active system uses pumps to circulate the water to the collector and back again to the storage device; a passive collector uses the natural tendency of heated water to rise, and cold water to sink, in order to set up a circulation loop.

The most common types of solar hot water systems use flat plate collectors. They are weatherproof boxes that contain a dark, sunlight absorbing plate that transfers heat to a series of flow tubes. Another type is called an Integral Collector Storage system, or a batch heater. Passive ICS is one of the simplest types of solar hot water systems, but they’re not suitable for all climates. Almost any type of solar how water system can be used where the temperatures rarely get down to freezing, but in northern climes, great care must be taken to keep pipes from freezing. In the coolest climates, it’s common to have a closed system filled with some form of antifreeze. This is slightly less efficient than heating the household water directly, but still offers many advantages over heating water using electricity or other fuels.

Whatever system you choose, you can expect years of trouble-free and inexpensive service from you solar hot water system. They are among the least complicated and most durable utility systems in your house, and can increase your home’s resale value.


How to do a better Team Development

undefinedAre your team members really team players?

Sometimes you will have a couple of employees working in the team who would rather work by themselves. It can affect the work that is produced in negative ways. Think of it this way. If you have an employee in a work group that hates working in teams and does not care about the team development, the work that is churned out may not be what you were originally looking for. This is why it is so important to have a proper team development strategy, so you do not waste valuable company time, and the work is done right the first time.

What can you do to build a better team?

  1. Before hiring a new employee, understand perfectly your current team. How? Use PSI (Personal Strength Inventory) providing an objective non-judgemental language describing your human resources.
  2. Before hiring a new person, be sure he or she fits your current team and its culture. Even if the candidate fits perfectly for the job requirements, he might not be the best one for your existing team.
  3. Let your team meet the candidate before you hire them. In most cases, your current employees will provide a lot of useful opinions that will help you choose a new member.

Is your vision crystal clear?

When it comes to accomplishing a specific goal in a team, all the members have to be on board and do their part well. However, this can prove to be difficult when your team is very mismatched. To effectively build your teams, you as a manager, must first have crystal clear expectations for what is to be done. If the work description is very vague and does not cover the details, your results are going to be just as vague.

Where do I get the vision?

The problem with missing vision often starts at the sales meeting. If you sign a contract with your client without clear specification, how can you make clear tasks for your team? Hardly! If you let your team being confused, you can expect frustration very soon. Do not try to teach your team how to solve every single detail. They know it better than you. What they need is a vision and clear goals and how the results will be evaluated.

Is your team well motivated?

We wrote about motivation several times before. As it is an essential part of team development, we will address it again. "Motivation" might sound too vague and too individual to deal with. However, if you neglect this factor, your employees will not reach their potential. Or even worse, some of the team members might do just enough not to get fired. This attitude can completely destroy your company, because other members will not want to work for someone else who is just lazy.

Team Development Strategy™ by Team Excellence takes motivation into consideration. You have to understand what "motivation" actually means to your employees. You will learn, that every single employee will understand this term differently. And yes, it is the manager's job to be familiar with every single team member.


How to find a good product and make money

A thorough understanding of your customers will help you sell more product; that's a no brainer. The more you know about your customers, the easier it is to identify selling opportunities. You can understand their buying tendencies and target them with appropriate offers and emerging products.




A complete understanding of your existing customers makes it easier to target new ones. Understanding buying practices of your top clients; you can appropriately target prospective buyers with sensible offers. You can even scope out similar prospects, and sell to them in a similar ways.

In the information below, I'll cover a few simple techniques on how you can start making some pocket money on the side, or improve your existing online business. While you read this I'll have a beer for you. ;)


So, what makes a good product?

Finding the right product can make all the difference in the world. A product you believe in and consume/use yourself is ideal. A product you are thoroughly versed in is the type of product you should target as selling. Knowing the benefits through use will allow you to distinguish desirable selling characteristics of competing products.

Everyone selling a product should be extremely fluent in industry news and standards of practice. Understanding new products prior to release, and the development of future products, allows you to gauge your inventory and run promotions of inventory on hand accordingly.

One excellent way to discover new products to sell, it monitor selling sites such as Amazon and Ebay. Do you research and find products that sell high, but are cheap to buy.


Use your industry statistics

Make use of the information that you have on customers to improve your efficiency. You should keep a central record of customer details and sales. This will help reduce errors and will speed up transactions.

However, your industry statistics on inventory items can provide invaluable information of market trends and other fluctuations your personal records cannot reveal. Industry statistics can allow you insight to a saturated market and potential shifting of buying trends. It can allow you to stay ahead of overstocking and being left with unsalable inventory on hand.


Hit the internet blogs!

The internet is a terrific source of information. Reading blogs, social media outlets, and quirky sales sites can all have a huge impact on upcoming products. The internet is instant. Billions of people are surfing daily and the information therein is current. It is an accurate gauge of public opinion and should never be ignored.

Testing a product? The internet is the perfect venue for any type of information gathering. Are you unsure about how to market a product in your area? Hit the blogs and poll a group of people to find out how it is being done in a different market area. The internet is an invaluable tool that should be incorporated into any product or service you are selling.


Get a website and invest in SEO

You can read more about SEO in my previous article. Ensuring that your business stands out from the competition is important to its success, especially in today’s competitive market place. In addition to excellent customer service and a good product or service, marketing your company’s Internet presence is crucial to its respectability.

If you’re looking to manage your domain by way of web browser, you’ll find the CPanel to be a well-known web hosting account for doing business. Instead of having to request assistance from the helpdesk, the CPanel provides better flexibility, control and management when you’re navigating daily tasks.


Domain Names

The domain that you choose for your business is important when it comes to marketing. In addition to affecting how your customers and SEO perceive your domain, it should be something memorable and relatable to the product or service that you offer. A good way to obtain a domain name is to find a good expired domain name, which could already be established for ranking. This will delay the 1 year time gap for marketing your website and you can dive right into it.


Don't use free email accounts for outreach!

An efficient marketing plan is the key to the success of both large and small businesses. Your product or service should be geared to reach a wide audience in the least amount of time. If you’re choosing to brand and market your business through T.V. and radio advertisements, this could be brutal on your bank account.

Branding is a critical component in a company’s marketing plan. While it can help the consumer associate you through your business logo, name, symbol or design, it can also allow them to see you as the only resource in finding the right solution to their dilemma.


I hope you find this useful. If it's confusing then hit me up on twitter or email me.

Forensic Optimization: The New Trend in Sydney SEO

UPDATE 7th October 2014: I quickly wrote this article just to have something on my blog, then I receive a big job and neglected to add content. I've slightly edited this original article now and will write better content in the future. All edits in italics.


What in the world is Forensic SEO? Well, if you have watched CSI Miami, New York (or whatever other city they are in), you have an idea how important forensic evidence is. Forensic SEO is finding out how you lost your ranking position and making a come back!

If you have recently lost your rankings due to Panda, Penguin or any other cute and cuddly animal then you need to call a forensic SEO specialist. Let’s face it, your rankings are dead and now you need to find out why. These highly trained SEO experts will perform an in-depth analysis to determine the cause of death and, unlike real forensic scientists, will tell you how to bring them back to life.


Can Anyone Be a Forensic SEO Specialist?
As you might have guessed, this is a highly specialized section of SEO so in order to be able to thrive in this niche; you need to an all-star in the following areas:

  • Search engine guidelines (especially Google guidelines);
  • Creating “natural” links;
  • Search engine algorithms and how they interpret data;
  • Ability to apply the appropriate corrective action – remember, you need to be able to bring those search rankings back to life.


While many Sydney SEO companies have some of this knowledge there are only a handful that are truly specialized in forensic SEO; however, you can expect to see that number increasing over the next year or so.


What Can You Expect Once the Forensic SEO Has Left the Scene?

This is the toughest part for most people. In the short term, you will see very little change in your rankings (how is that for a selling feature!). Over the long term, however, your site will begin rising from the ashes, like a Phoenix, and your search rankings will gradually be restored.

Of course, the amount of time this takes all depends on your cause of death. It will be a lot easier to restore your site if you only incurred a small penalty, however, if your site was tossed into the wood chipper then putting it back together could take a little while.

At the end of the day, if your website has lost its ranking power, you need to call in a professional who has experience with forensic SEO. Luckily, there will be more and more of them as we move into the future due to all the penalties Google is handing out.


Note: All content below is extra content added in during October. See Update note at top of article.

One method that might work

There is one SEO I've been speaking to recently, he mentioned a technique that has worked for him in the past. I'll past the direct quote from the email as I'm not exactly sure what it means and don't want to give false information.

Michael: What is this technique speak of?

Nick: It's pretty simple actually. Let's say you have one penalised domain and for this example its You're going to need to buy two more domain with a similar name. I'll map this out for you...

  1. DOMAIN A: // penalised domain
  2. DOMAIN B: // new domain with similar name
  3. DOMAIN C: // The domain you want to rank

Nick: Ok, so you're going to need to setup a new website - with fresh content - on domain C. The reason you use fresh content is the penalty will pass if you just migrate. Once you've done that, then you're going to need to 301 Domain A to Domain B, then 301 Domain B to Domain C. You should see domain C obtain all the link juice from Domain A within the week. The reason we use three domains is the penalty from A will pass to B, but the penalty from B won't pass to C.