UPDATE 7th October 2014: I quickly wrote this article just to have something on my blog, then I receive a big job and neglected to add content. I've slightly edited this original article now and will write better content in the future. All edits in italics.


What in the world is Forensic SEO? Well, if you have watched CSI Miami, New York (or whatever other city they are in), you have an idea how important forensic evidence is. Forensic SEO is finding out how you lost your ranking position and making a come back!

If you have recently lost your rankings due to Panda, Penguin or any other cute and cuddly animal then you need to call a forensic SEO specialist. Let’s face it, your rankings are dead and now you need to find out why. These highly trained SEO experts will perform an in-depth analysis to determine the cause of death and, unlike real forensic scientists, will tell you how to bring them back to life.


Can Anyone Be a Forensic SEO Specialist?
As you might have guessed, this is a highly specialized section of SEO so in order to be able to thrive in this niche; you need to an all-star in the following areas:

  • Search engine guidelines (especially Google guidelines);
  • Creating “natural” links;
  • Search engine algorithms and how they interpret data;
  • Ability to apply the appropriate corrective action – remember, you need to be able to bring those search rankings back to life.


While many Sydney SEO companies have some of this knowledge there are only a handful that are truly specialized in forensic SEO; however, you can expect to see that number increasing over the next year or so.


What Can You Expect Once the Forensic SEO Has Left the Scene?

This is the toughest part for most people. In the short term, you will see very little change in your rankings (how is that for a selling feature!). Over the long term, however, your site will begin rising from the ashes, like a Phoenix, and your search rankings will gradually be restored.

Of course, the amount of time this takes all depends on your cause of death. It will be a lot easier to restore your site if you only incurred a small penalty, however, if your site was tossed into the wood chipper then putting it back together could take a little while.

At the end of the day, if your website has lost its ranking power, you need to call in a professional who has experience with forensic SEO. Luckily, there will be more and more of them as we move into the future due to all the penalties Google is handing out.


Note: All content below is extra content added in during October. See Update note at top of article.

One method that might work

There is one SEO I've been speaking to recently, he mentioned a technique that has worked for him in the past. I'll past the direct quote from the email as I'm not exactly sure what it means and don't want to give false information.

Michael: What is this technique speak of?

Nick: It's pretty simple actually. Let's say you have one penalised domain and for this example its beer-blaster.com. You're going to need to buy two more domain with a similar name. I'll map this out for you...

  1. DOMAIN A: beer-blaster.com // penalised domain
  2. DOMAIN B: beerblaster.com // new domain with similar name
  3. DOMAIN C: beerblaster.com.au // The domain you want to rank

Nick: Ok, so you're going to need to setup a new website - with fresh content - on domain C. The reason you use fresh content is the penalty will pass if you just migrate. Once you've done that, then you're going to need to 301 Domain A to Domain B, then 301 Domain B to Domain C. You should see domain C obtain all the link juice from Domain A within the week. The reason we use three domains is the penalty from A will pass to B, but the penalty from B won't pass to C.