undefinedAre your team members really team players?

Sometimes you will have a couple of employees working in the team who would rather work by themselves. It can affect the work that is produced in negative ways. Think of it this way. If you have an employee in a work group that hates working in teams and does not care about the team development, the work that is churned out may not be what you were originally looking for. This is why it is so important to have a proper team development strategy, so you do not waste valuable company time, and the work is done right the first time.

What can you do to build a better team?

  1. Before hiring a new employee, understand perfectly your current team. How? Use PSI (Personal Strength Inventory) providing an objective non-judgemental language describing your human resources.
  2. Before hiring a new person, be sure he or she fits your current team and its culture. Even if the candidate fits perfectly for the job requirements, he might not be the best one for your existing team.
  3. Let your team meet the candidate before you hire them. In most cases, your current employees will provide a lot of useful opinions that will help you choose a new member.

Is your vision crystal clear?

When it comes to accomplishing a specific goal in a team, all the members have to be on board and do their part well. However, this can prove to be difficult when your team is very mismatched. To effectively build your teams, you as a manager, must first have crystal clear expectations for what is to be done. If the work description is very vague and does not cover the details, your results are going to be just as vague.

Where do I get the vision?

The problem with missing vision often starts at the sales meeting. If you sign a contract with your client without clear specification, how can you make clear tasks for your team? Hardly! If you let your team being confused, you can expect frustration very soon. Do not try to teach your team how to solve every single detail. They know it better than you. What they need is a vision and clear goals and how the results will be evaluated.

Is your team well motivated?

We wrote about motivation several times before. As it is an essential part of team development, we will address it again. "Motivation" might sound too vague and too individual to deal with. However, if you neglect this factor, your employees will not reach their potential. Or even worse, some of the team members might do just enough not to get fired. This attitude can completely destroy your company, because other members will not want to work for someone else who is just lazy.

Team Development Strategy™ by Team Excellence takes motivation into consideration. You have to understand what "motivation" actually means to your employees. You will learn, that every single employee will understand this term differently. And yes, it is the manager's job to be familiar with every single team member.