New Messaging and Cloud Service that offers high security

VIPole offers high security for individuals and businesses for messaging, conferencing, note taking, cloud storage, as well as calendar services. The program enables the user to be secure from outside listeners and complete privacy with encrypted messaged and secure connection conferencing.

The instant messaging security of VIpole is above the rest and keeps all of your communication while using it free of outside invaders. The messages are encrypted and even what is stored on the user’s computer or servers is also encrypted. The same process is applied to all voice connections, which prevents any listening in of any sources besides the allowed parties in the voice conference.

VIpole also protects documents and files against people that are not authorized. The documents are only available from an encrypted drive that is virtual. There is auto-synchronization between the VIpole server and the encrypted files on the user’s computer. Only the files owner can decrypt the documents and files. VIpole also offers a password manager that uses the same type of encryption to keep passwords and pins safe.

Be assured that video chats, between up to 9 contacts at one time, are secure by using VIpole. The tunnel technology of VIpole is state of the art at securing the video chats. Channels are secure and the data that is transmitted is encrypted from the inside.
Ever think about security breaches in your calendars? Manage your calendar along with other contacts that you add under the business plan. Assign tasks and duties in a secure platform, but also have the messages of employees going back and forth stored in one secure place that is controlled by you. Notes can also be made and stored in this secure environment.

The apps of VIpole are compatible with Windows, Mac OS and Linux, along with VIpole Android Messenger Mobile Client for Android devices.
You can download VIpole at and the Android App can be downloaded at .

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